Learn To Do Your Own Sewing Machine Repairs.

You finally have that sewing machine to help you do all those projects you have been thinking of and it is a wonderful feeling. That is until it breaks down. Usually it happens at the worst possible moment. You take it to a repair shop and find the price to fix it is a bit high and will take a couple of days before you get it back.

If that were the end of it, you could accept it happened. But in many cases a sewing machine will break from time to time. It is just a simple fact of the machine. Even well-made brands have this problem. It doesn’t take long before you find that it is very pricey and time consuming to keep having to bring it in for repairs.

It is for this reason that many decide to learn basic DIY sewing machine repairs for their sewing machine. Once you do, you realize just how much you were paying for some very basic work. You will want to kick yourself for spending such high prices and having to wait sometimes up to a week to get your machine back.

If you find that you like doing sewing machine repairs, or that you are good at it, you could even consider offering your services to others who want their machine fixed when it breaks. It is one of those businesses that can often be started right from the home.

Now that you have decided to repair your machine you will need to learn the basics. It is not as difficult as you might first anticipate. Recently repair manuals have become readily available. You can get them at shops that sell the machines or on the internet. There are some things you will want to be sure of when buying your manual.

1. It should explain in a clear fashion how to properly lubricate and clean the machine properly. Often when the machine is not correctly lubricated it can be the cause of a breakdown.
2. The manual needs to demonstrate the correct way to pick the correct needle and how to wind the bobbin pin.
3. Look to see that it shows you how to repair or replace lights, motor, controls and wiring.
4. A good manual will cover how to test the different parts of the machine and when doing so, how to understand if there is a problem.
5. Setting the timing on the needle bar is also one of the needed features the manual should cover. You will further need to learn to set the timing for the shuttle and hook and feed on the machine. Once you have it set correctly you will be amazed how well it can sow almost anything with ease.
6. Finally, the manual should show you sellers and wholesalers of the parts and tools needed to repair your machine from home.

A machine that is used even moderately will usually require being serviced at least once a year. If it is being used aggressively, then it could need repairing as much as four times each year.

Great Summer Crafts for Kids

If you have children, you know how difficult it can be to keep them entertained during the summer. Although children look forward to the months where they do not have to go to school all day, parents and caregivers do not. In order to help pass the time, you need to have summer crafts for kids lined up so that you are always ready to provide some entertainment.

First of all, you should always keep some basic craft items available for the kids. The amount of access they have to the materials is up to you based upon their age and maturity level. However, some good basics include colored crayons, pens, pencils and markers along with paper and scissors. Some types of paints and other items can be added into the mix of daily craft items.

You can also have a special area where you keep stuff for summer crafts for kids. In it, you can store items that you do not want the kids to have access to all of the time and where you can place leftover materials and other items of interest. Learn to be creative in what you collect and use.

Kids love to be messy so make sure that you think of plenty of outdoor activities that will keep them entertained and dirty safely away from your clean floors. Outside is a great place for painting and glued crafts.

Additionally, outside can be a fantastic place to collect items for crafts. Children can spend countless hours looking at leaves, rocks and everything else that is around yards and parks. Allowing them to collect a few of these items in order to fulfill an intended purpose can provide double the fun. Not only do they have the opportunity to enjoy the park, they can look forward to the great crafts they get to make with their collected items.

In order to be properly prepared, you also need to have a variety of indoor crafts for the summertime. On rainy days, kids can quickly begin to go stir crazy if they are not provided with enough activities to keep them busy.

Consider having some special items that only come out on these types of days. Also, you should collect a wide group of suggested activities and make sure you have the items on hand. When the need strikes, pull one out. A great indoor craft activity can be making cookies or something similar together. Then the kids can kick back with a favorite show while eating the cookies everyone prepared together.

In order to get through the school-free months of summer, it is important to have plenty of things for your children to do. Part of that should be providing them with fun crafts that will stimulate their imaginations and creative spirit. By planning ahead, you can have something available to do any time of the day. You will even be able to pull out extra special crafts that celebrate nature or rainy days.

Wood Crafts And Learning The Basics

wooden for saleIf you’re trying to get information on wood crafts, this is a good place to start. Many people decide to start working with wood but aren’t terribly sure of where to begin. Here you’ll get an idea as to whether or not this is for you so you can decide how to move forward.

There are a lot of different projects you can work on, so it’s a good idea to look for a website or manual of some kind with project ideas. That way, you can see whether or not you can find anything you’d enjoy making or that you would find to be useful. If not, then you know that this isn’t for you. It’s a good idea to also consider the fact that when you do your own wood working, it can save you money on buying things that are factory made.

You can make money off of doing these¬†crafts, so that’s a good thing to think about if you’re not sure as to whether or not this is for you. Look for places online where people sell crafts and see what their woodworking projects are going for by searching for wooden items. You may be surprised with just how much you can get out of something that you spend your time on. If you’re really able to get into this then you could potentially make this your job and live off of the money.

Working on projects will be very time consuming, especially when you first get started. This is why you’re going to want to think about if you have the extra time to be doing any crafts. Also think about if you can afford to get any kind of tools that would make this faster or if you’re only comfortable working with hand tools. There are many people out there that may not want to do anything with power tools because they believe that this is an art form and they don’t like the technology aspect of woodworking which is fine.

Don’t undervalue your work when you’re doing this kind of trade. Many people tend to think that getting a few bucks here and there is acceptable, but in reality that is just you getting taken advantage of. If a piece cost you 40 hours of time to work on it then you shouldn’t be giving it away for a low amount of money or else you’re saying your time isn’t worth that much. People will try to take advantage of you when you first start producing crafts that are great looking, so don’t fall for it and always think of what your time is worth.

For you it may be good to start doing crafts to give away to people that are in need. You may be able to make toys, for instance, to give to charities around the holidays so that children can enjoy it without having to pay. If you’re going to go this route then make sure you still work hard on what you do because if people enjoy your work they may come and ask you to do something that they pay for. Plus, when you always put out great work you can be sure you’re representing yourself as an artist that takes time to produce quality work.

Getting to know who is out there that will be able to help you learn more may be of benefit to you. For instance, you may be able to go onto a video sharing site to look at the various tutorials from well known craftsmen and then you can work through what they have to say and to teach. There are many books and shows on the matter too, so try to look up all the information you can from professionals so you can work in their techniques to learn faster.

Now that you have some information on wood crafts you’ll know if it’s right for you. There are many projects that can take you a long while to get into, so be sure you work with this advice carefully. Then you’ll be happy when you see the fruits of your labor when you try to create what you wanted.

Terrific Craft Projects You Can Do On A Tight Budget

variety of craftsWhile do-it-yourselfers love to keep busy with fun craft projects, sometimes money is a factor. If you want to indulge your creativity and your taste for handicrafts, you don’t need an enormous bank account to do it! Below you’ll find some excellent ideas for them¬†that involve minimal expense. Enjoy yourself, beautify your home, and save money at the same time!

Make Your Own Stamps For A Statement Wall

Do you want to liven up a boring wall without the expense of repainting the whole thing? Here’s an excellent way to add excitement and interest to your walls for just a few dollars. Simple craft foam will make the core of your stamp. Begin by drawing a simple design, no larger than the palm of your hand, on paper. Cut your shape out and apply it to your foam. Trace it and cut again. Your stamp is almost ready! Simply glue it to a piece of cardboard so you have an easy way to control it.

To add precision to your statement wall, take the time to mark out where you want your stamps to go – a regular grid is common, but you can use whatever pattern you like. Use a small bit of masking tape to mark each spot. To apply paint to your stamp, it’s easiest to use a small touch-up brush. Once your stamp is loaded, just press it firmly to the wall! If you have textured walls, you may want to use a narrow-tipped paint brush to fill in light spots after you’ve done your stamping.

Liven Up Built-In Shelves With A Fabric Backing

A lot of people have permanent shelves in their walls, or possibly built into the corners of rooms. While built-in shelves are sometimes finished in attractive wood, they’re often simply painted along with the walls. You can add a splash of color and a vibrant pattern without making a permanent change. Here’s how to do it:

Pick out a cotton fabric that appeals to you, whether it’s a solid color or a print. Gather enough to cover the insides of your shelves. (The sides and rear are more important than covering the flat shelves themselves, if you need to conserve your fabric. You’ll be attaching this fabric with ordinary rubber cement. Cut a panel of fabric to fit each surface in your shelves, leaving about an inch of extra material on all sides. Spread rubber cement thoroughly on the rear of the fabric and the shelf surfaces and let it dry. Now apply each piece of fabric, starting from the center of the surface and working it smoothly out to the edges. Use a sharp craft knife to trim the excesses, and you’re all set!

The beauty of using rubber cement for this purpose is that it’s extremely gentle on most surfaces. If you decide to take down your shelf backing, you’ll find it peels right off, leaving no residue behind on the paint. This means that this trick is especially suited for renters!

Dress Up Your Potted Plants In Lace

Here’s a very simple craft idea that you may already have all the supplies for. Do you have a garden or even a window box? Have you ever thought about brightening up the ordinary terra cotta pots you grow your smaller plants in? You don’t have to invest in glazed pots to add your own unique flair to these humble garden fixtures!

This is an ideal project for using up any scraps of lace you have around the house. Just take a few of your most attractive pieces and glue them around your pots. Long, narrow scraps of lace are perfect for decorating pot rims; wider pieces will give you complete coverage of the pot’s body. Ordinary white glue is sufficient for attaching the lace to your pots. Using a sponge brush (which costs less than a dollar at your local craft or hardware store) will give you more even coverage. After you’ve placed you lace, brush a very thin layer of glue over the top to seal it down. Let your pots dry thoroughly before you fill them.

Hopefully, your imagination has been spurred by these simple craft projects. You can make an enormous difference in the quality of your home, create your own beautiful objets d’art, and have terrific fun – without spending more than you would to buy a meal at a restaurant. Great crafts don’t necessarily need great amounts of money.

Easy Ways To Learn To Sew

various scattered sewing tools of a seamstressWhenever a person wants to learn a new skill or craft, they often have to go out there and examine the available options for them to learn the craft. For instance, a sewing book may give the learner all the necessary sewing tips that they need in order to kick-start their sewing craft work and may even take them past the learner stage.

Obviously, there is much more to this art than just threading a needle. Some people having been doing this for years and they have certainly not learned everything. Nonetheless, if you want to make an attire look good, you have to learn to sew with all the tricks of the trade.

There are several learning modules available to give the learner an insight to what they want. Doing a good research online will provide an array of options on offer. You can learn a lot of techniques from some of these sites. This is probably one of the most important steps you should do anyway, if you want to learn to sew.

Learners tend to make the mistake of trying to do something too complicated for them in their initial learning lessons. Putting in a zipper sounds quite easy, but you need to understand that it will depend a lot on the fabric, as well as the design of how it is inserted into place. Some people may opt for buttons or snaps, which can also be very difficult for new learners if they are not sure about how to go about it. Even for those with years of experience, it could become difficult especially when the zipper is not supposed to be seen.

Needlework is not necessarily a practical task. Some designers make up incredible designs in embroidery, and these are very much sought after. The elegance, style, and class that these bring to plain clothing is just brilliant. Catwalks have even used these decorations for their clothing lines with superb results. This form of decoration makes it an ideal way to create gifts for special people as they realize the amount of time and effort put into the project.

There are several old pieces of embroidered clothing that have been passed down between generations for hundreds of years. These usually cost a great deal of money. Imagine giving your best friend or family member such a gift, to keep forever and pass it down to coming generations through the family. The value as well as the feeling will be priceless.

Going back to the practical side of things, if you learn the basics of a certain type of needlework, it will be definitely on the cards to have clothes that fit like a glove. Start by learning simple alterations, which will give way to more complex alterations together with building confidence as well as giving you the opportunity to earn on the side.

A great hobby that can turn in extra income is something worth investing in. Check out the different types of learning media available including books, DVDs, and online websites. these are specially made to allow you learn to sew easily. Don%u2019t forget that this is a journey and it require some patience and persistence all the way.

Great Craft Ideas to Sell

savings, finances, economy and home concept - close up of man coWhen it comes to crafting and making money, there are many things that can be done. If you are interested in craft ideas to sell, this article has some great suggestions to get you started.

Review over the ideas and consider what your own personal interests are. Once you do, you are certain to discover something that can transform into a lucrative home based business.

If you have any experience with woodworking, you may want to consider using that knowledge to craft a specialty set of items. Some people that do wood based crafts focus on things like dollhouses or doll furniture. Others prefer to focus their work on furniture or home decor. The fact is that there are many types of items that can be created with wood. Let your passions guide you.

Another lucrative way to create an income through handmade crafts is to consider making jewelry. From toe rings to earrings, there are all types of body parts that consumers are looking to decorate. Put your knowledge about cords, wires and beads to work to create some unique pieces that are sure to have your customers begging for more. Think about the different styles you can create and focus on what really excites you.

Perhaps you prefer to get your hands a little messy. If that is the case, you may want to consider working with something like polymer clay. This clay hardens in the oven and can be shaped into all sorts of things. The fact is that you could turn this one medium into several types of craft ideas to sell.

For instance, you could focus your polymer designs on jewelry applications. This material is very popular for beads and drops. Alternatively, you may want to think about constructing miniatures. People who own dollhouses are always looking for things to put in them for decorations. You may be able to find your place in the market that way.

Sewing skills are still very in demand and can be used to create a wide range of crafted items that can be put out for sale. There are many families who do not want their children to play with plastic toys and will pay good money for toys that have been made with natural materials. Dolls and other sewn items for children are very popular.

Quilts are a great item to sell if you are capable of putting out a quality product. If you have experience with a sewing machine, this may be a great way for you to begin a home business. There are many demands within the world of quilts so that you can focus your craft in an area that you enjoy.


If you have experience with crafts and are interested in creating additional income, this article should have provided you some great ideas. Figure out what you really want to do and what you are good at. Then learn about starting your craft based business so that you can make your dreams come true.

Have Fun With Craft Ideas For Adults

Who says you are too old to enjoy doing crafts? There are plenty of craft ideas for adults that you can enjoy. Not only will they keep you busy by giving you something to do when you are feeling bored, but you can also use your finished masterpieces as decorations to spice up your living room, bedroom, and even your kitchen.

Create Decorative Makeup Brush Holders

Do you use makeup brushes to apply your foundation and eye shadow? If so, you may need the perfect place to put them. If you have any old jars that you have yet to put in your recycling bin, peel off the old labels and wash them out. Once your jars are clean and dry, you can paint the inside of them with a paintbrush and any color of your choice.

After applying paint to the inside of each jar, place newspaper down on your kitchen table and set them on top of it with the opening of the jar facing down. Any excess paint at the bottom will drip down to the sides, providing coverage on all areas of the jars that you have used. Give them about 3-4 hours to dry completely before flipping them over and adding your makeup brushes inside of them. With just a little bit of effort, you can have beautiful homemade containers for your makeup brushes or other accessories, such as combs, brushes, and styling tools.

Re-purpose One of Your Old Picture Frames

Do you have an old picture frame that you are not using? If so, remove both the back of the frame and the glass, setting them off to the side. Grab a sheet of poster board, place the frame on top of it, and trace the frame using a pencil. Take a pair of scissors and cut the shape that you have traced out from the poster board.

Now that you have the sheet of poster board, collect some colorful buttons or marbles. Spread them out on the board in any shape that you prefer. For example, you can use the marbles or buttons to make the shape of the first letter of your name, a heart, or even a star. After placing them where you want them on the poster board, use a hot glue gun to permanently attach them.

Give the glue about 2-3 hours to dry before picking up your poster board and placing it inside of the picture frame. You can leave the frame the way that it came, but you can also decide to paint it before adding the poster board inside of it. It would only take you about five minutes to paint the picture frame if you use a bottle of spray paint.

Illustration of a Father and Son Bonding Over a Woodworking Proj

With craft ideas for adults like these, you can always keep yourself entertained. Whether you are recycling old glass jars and turning them into containers to hold some of your favorite accessories, or if you are re-purposing an old frame, you can have a lot of fun completing these and other crafts. If you enjoy making these items, you may even want to consider selling them to others.

Easy Projects For Spring Crafts

Spring is in the air, and creative juices are flowing. Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and everything is waking up after a long winter. This is a great time to do some spring crafts. Kids love this time of year because they can make many pretty things using the things that they can find in nature.

Spring time brings flower blooms. One way to capture this beauty is by making pressed flowers. If your garden is in bloom, go and gather up some blossoms. Get a variety of different colors. You can even go out in your neighborhood to gather wild flowers, if your local authorities allow that. When you have a collection of blooms, you can press them.

You do not need a fancy flower press. All you really need are some paper towels and a few big and heavy books. Lay the blooms on a piece of paper towel in a singer layer. After you have positioned the blooms, cover that with another sheet of paper towel. Put this in your big, thick book, close the book, and place another heavy book on top of it. You can put a brick on top if you like. Wait a week, then check the flowers. If you need to, change out the paper towels and press the blooms for another week.

After your blooms have been properly pressed, you can use them to make many things. Consider making a lovely placemat out of it. You will need a laminator for this. Layout the blooms on a large piece of construction paper, and glue them in place. You can decorate the other side the same way if you wish, or you can leave it blank. Use your laminator to laminate the paper. Make four placemats using this method. You now have a lovely set of placemats to use for spring.

If you have old terra cotta flower pots, you can breathe new life into them by painting them in spring colors. Focus on using greens, pinks, blues, and yellows, and paint them in a spring motif. Grow some herbs in your pots and put them by your window. You will have a lovely mini garden of herbs that is the epitome of spring.

Get a bunch of wooden tongue depressors and use them for your plant markers. No doubt you will be doing some spring planting. Paint the tongue depressors in cheerful spring colors, with the name of you are growing written on each one. You may even want to find a small picture of what you are growing, cut it out, and glue that to the top of your tongue depressor. Your garden will look very charming with these little signs for your plants.

Children DrawingFor children, they can gather up feathers and small twigs to make art. They can cut eggs out of different colored paper, then glue these, the feathers and the twigs on a piece of paper to make it look like a little nest. Help them frame this in a shadow box.

Look online for more inspirational ideas for spring crafts. These and other ideas are ideal for the whole family and will provide many hours of enjoyment.

Easy Craft Ideas For The Whole Family

Doing crafts is a favorite pastime for many families. This is something that adults and kids can do together, depending on the level of complexity of the project. Crafting is a great way to make decorations and useful things for the home. You can also make hand-made gifts by crafting. Here are a few easy craft ideas to get you started.

Every house needs a bit of organization. You can reuse old shoe boxes to make attractive storage containers. If you have old wrapping paper, you can wrap the shoe box and the lid with wrapping paper to make a pretty box where you can store your photographs, postcards, letters, or knick-knacks that you have around the house. You can even go one step further and add ribbons or bows to the box as an enhancement.

You can also use pretty fabric to cover your shoebox. Measure the sides of your shoe box and cut your fabric accordingly so that you have the bottom of the box and all four sides on one piece of fabric. Position your shoe box on your fabric, and wrap one side of the fabric up and over the side of the box. the edge of the fabric should be on the inside edge of the box. Use a hot glue gun to glue the edge of the fabric to the inside edge of the box. When the glue has set, continue the same process with the other three sides of the box. When you are done, your box should be wrapped nicely in the fabric. Do the same for the lid.

An old cereal box can be made into a useful file box for magazines. Get a large, empty cereal box that is at least 9 inches wide and 11 inches tall, and 3 to 4 inches wide on the sides. Measure 4 inches from the bottom, use a marker to mark the 4-inch mark on the side of the box. Draw a line across the side of the box, then draw a line connecting one of the 4-inch marks up to the opposite, upper corner of the front of the cereal box. Do the same to the back of the cereal box. Cut along the lines.

You should end up with a file box that has an opening that slopes downward. Use contact paper to cover the box. You now have a nice box to store your magazines. Make a bunch of these and organize your papers, bills, or any type of paperwork.

Cardboard box on wheelsRecycle old soup cans into pretty pencil holders. Wash out the can, and use contact paper in your favorite design to cover the sides. If you use a solid color paper, you can decorate that with stickers or other embellishments.

These easy craft ideas are great because they reuse materials that you already have at home. It is a smart way to reuse boxes and cans, and it is an inexpensive way to to organize your clutter.